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Luhai Port (Qinzhou) Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in bulk cargo warehousing, loading and discharging operations. The company owned two-10,000 ton berths, quay 300 meters, is equipped with three 25-ton gantry cranes, two 40 ton fixed cranes with complete lifting transport machinery, the stockpile area of 250,000 square meters, annual handling capacity of up to 5 million tons, and built a fully functional building with total construction area of 20,000 square meters.




Terminal Facilities 

two-10,000 ton berths, Water depth 9.3 meters, quar 300 meters.

Port Area: 20,000 square meters, with annual handling capacity 5,000,000 tons


service philosophy

With the philosophy of Honesty, Innovation, Commitment and Dedicatio, Luhai Group has an outstanding team full of vigor, cooperate with absolute sincerity, the courage to fight, provide good service to our clients


Service Project

Bulk cargo warehousing; loading and discharging operations 

Transit and transportation 

Storage, logistics, information 


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